Pokemon Go – Go Beyond Update

Pokemon Go Level Cap Increase

Level 41 – 50 Now Available

On November 18th, 2020 Niantic announced that the after localized testing in some countries, the Pokemon Go – Go Beyond Update would be implemented worldwide on November 30, 2020. The most anticipated feature of the Go Beyond update is that the level cap for trainers would be increased from Level 40 to Level 50. The is the first level cap increase since the game was launched in July 2016.

New Level Requirements

In the past, with the first 40 levels of Pokemon Go, the only requirement from moving up from level to level was XP.  There were no other requirements.  With the Go Beyond update, the 10 new levels will require a massive amount of XP (View Pokemon Go Total XP Levels 41 – 50, but they will also include tasks and other things such as medals to move up levels.  We have the whole list of Pokemon Go Level Requirements 41-50 for you to view.

New Max Levels For Pokemon

Another aspect of the Go Beyond update is the ability for trainers to power up their Pokemon beyond level 40.  You can now power up your monsters at level 50 (Once you reach level 45), Like the trainer level increase, the increase in leveling pokemon has some new requirements as well.  Previously you only needed stardust and candy to power up your Pokemon.  You sill need stardust, but the Go Beyond update has introduced a new currency to the game in the form of XL candy.  This candy can be attained in multiple ways, such as catching Pokemon, transferring Pokemon and even feeding Pokemon in gyms.  You even earn Rare XL Candy for leveling up past trainer level 40.  You can also convert regular candy to XL candy, at the very hefty rate of 100 candy to 1 XL candy.  A rate that doesn’t seem very worth it.